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Glencoe House cookery books are designed for both British & American kitchens.

                                                                                                                         *All copies of American Cooking 
                                                                                                                                                                   in England have sold out.


Measurements for Cooking -- An American cook's search for clarity

And not just clarity for ease of cooking too:
One cup of shredded Cheddar? Just look up the weight of 1 cup of shredded Cheddar, break off that amount, and shred it.  
A half-cup of butter?  Find the weight of one cup of butter, divide that weight in half, then  scoop that weight of butter into your mixing bowl (set on a scale, of course).

This book converts, by ingredient, US cups to weights, and vice versa. And it's handy for quick conversions of length, and temperature, too.
  It's in constant use in our kitchen.

Measurements for Cooking was designed as an aid for international food editors, to help with converting US & UK measures.  It's still in print and available.

In Middie's Kitchen -- Mid Sarchioto's Italian-American family recipes 

Who's Middie?  She is a Canadian-born and Schenectady, NY-raised woman and a natural cook who, in the 1960s, married into an Italian-American family.  Her mother-in-law, Francesca, moved in the 1940s from Naples, Italy to Schenectady, New York. The Italian recipes Francesca taught Middie were not written down until now.  In 2006, Delora Jones travelled to Schenectady to her sister Mid's, to document the ingredients and methods of Mid's family recipes.  This slender collection of Francesca's Italian recipes and Mid's American family recipes has been written for both American and British cooks.  Ingredient amounts are given in US cups for Americans and also metric weights for Brits.  
(Or are we reverting to pounds and ounces after 'Brexit'?  If so, there's Measurements for Cooking as well . . .)

The Pocketbook Guide to American Cooking in England
A guide for buying American ingredients in British supermarkets

This pocket-sized guide is for translating & converting American cookery items, terms and measurements to British English. Originally published in 1998, it remains a helpful pocketbook for using today.

American Cooking in England -- sorry, All copies have sold out.


Fridge magnets

 Butter Measures (UK)     

Where do you look for books online?

When you're looking for a particular book, where do you first look?  Amazon?  

And if Amazon say the book is unavailable, do you then try to find it elsewhere?

A cookery editor from Pavilion Book Co. in London contacted us, saying:

"I used your Measurements for Cooking pretty much daily at my previous work and I'd love to order a copy for reference here at Pavilion but Amazon has it as currently unavailable.  Do you have any copies to sell?  It's such a useful resource!"

Measurements for Cooking IS available, both from Waterstone's and also directly from us 
(the publisher). 

When Amazon say a book is unavailable or only available used, don't stop searching; try other web sites.  Whereas Amazon might direct you to Abe Books for a used copy (Amazon acquired Abe Books in 2008), Amazon won't direct you to the publisher or to other booksellers who do supply the book new!

We have contacted Amazon many times since 2011 asking them to correct their listings of our books but to date, they have not done so.  (2011 is when we first noticed our sales of The Pocketbook Guide to American Cooking in England had gone from one to two a week, to about one a month.  Looking in to it then, to try to discover what had caused the sudden drop in sales, that's when we found that Amazon had started listing our books as unavailable.)  

Update:  When I looked online on 18 April 2019, Amazon.co.uk didn't list any new copies but did list a single copy of Measurements for Cooking (used), at a price starting from 200!  (On that same day, Amazon.com also listed no new copies but did list a used one starting at $99.)

It's a lot cheaper direct from us, the publisher, or ordered through a physical bookshop (or online seller like Waterstone's), and that's for a new, not used, copy. 


So for the record:
    These books are all in print and are available NEW:
    Measurements for Cooking
    In Middie's Kitchen
    The Pocketbook Guide to American Cooking in England

    The only book of ours that has sold out and is no longer available new is: 
    American Cooking in England



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Glencoe House Publications create cookery books designed for ease of use in both British and American kitchens.  We are a small family publisher in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England. 

Our books are published in response to a need, and are written, designed and printed in England.

We started in 1998 with two books, American Cooking in England (now sold out) and The Pocketbook Guide to American Cooking in England, published to fill a need: that of translating and converting American cookery items, terms and measurements to British English.  

In 2011, Measurements for Cooking was published also to fill a need:  that of converting cookery volumes (e.g., US cups) to weights (e.g., grams), and vice versa.  This book was designed for ease of use by international food editors who have to work quickly.  It has many tabbed sections for quick reference, and includes handy hints such as how to make your own baking powder, self-raising flour, vegetarian jelly [jello], etc., plus a smattering of about 10 recipes (e.g., seeded soda bread, meatloaf, pancakes, peanut butter patties).  It is also especially helpful to the general cook for converting downloaded American & Canadian recipes, and as a quick-reference aid in the kitchen.

In 2013, we printed In Middie's Kitchen.  This book, a family publication (Mid Sarchioto and Delora Jones are sisters), contains Mid's family recipes, a good number of which are Italian recipes, passed on to Mid by Francesca, her Neapolitan mother-in-law.  These recipes had always been cooked by rote none had been written down.
To preserve the family recipes, Delora Jones travelled to Mid's and watched as Mid cooked, writing down the ingredients and methods used. Mid lives in the US, and Delora lives in  England, so Delora wrote the recipes for both American and British cooks, with separate British recipes where needed.